Saturday, November 13, 2010

Want It Got It TPB: Showcase Presents, Trial of the Flash

UPDATE: Coming Soon as a TPB. On Amazon-This title will be released on July 26, 2011.

Writer: Cary Bates
Artist: Various
DC Comics (1979-1985)
The Flash #275, #281-284, #321 -326, and #340-350

When I read these issues as a kid I was captivated by them, especially issue #275 and #281-284. I actually remember running (biking) to the local corner store (and yes it actually was on a corner) to get these issues when they came out. Waiting impatiently for the store owner to clip the bundle bands and lay them out on the wooden shelves. Wondering to myself...

...would the Flash kill his mortal enemy, the Reverse Flash, for the killing of his wife?

If I was to put out a TPB of Cary Bates run on the Flash I would break it up into two volumes.

One volume being the death of Iris Allen and the murder of Professor Zoom.

The second volume being the trial of the Flash for the murder of his enemy with it being bookend by the last issue of the Flash (before he is killed in Crisis).

With DC going back and reprinting various signature storylines that comprise their history I hope that this will be one or two that they may consider. I certainly would be first in line waiting impatiently to reread this again like I did as a kid.

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