Sunday, September 16, 2018

Buffy Inspired X-Men: Evolution Dance Scene & The Craft

via Alex Chung

Fun Fact: the Rogue/Kitty dance in "Spykecam" was modeled after a similar dance in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Bad Girls" and the dance Boom Boom does in the episode "A Walk on the Wild Side", seen as Rogue approaches the balcony railing, was mimicked from Jessica Alba's dance in Never Been Kissed. The play used in the first season episode "SpykeCam", Dracula: The Musical, is a real play. The song used, however, is an original song made for the episode. 

Interview via Toon Zone: Who is the person who watches Buffy on the team? I dunno whether you'll ever admit it, but the Rogue/Kitty dance in Spykecam was copied from the Buffy episode "Bad Girls". 

Boyd Kirkland is a producer and writer for X-Men: Evolution: I plead guilty to being a big Buffy fan, and of using the Faith/Buffy dance as reference for the Rogue/Kitty dance. Good animation, especially on TV schedules; low budgets, is hard to come by, so for especially difficult scenes like that one, it is very helpful to use live action as reference (Disney has been doing it on all of their feature films since Snow White). And speaking of Buffy, I always thought it had many similarities to what we were trying to do with this show. Think about it. She is a teenager with "super powers," who is constantly saving people at her high school while trying to avoid being discovered (even though other students are often involved in the mayhem). Her principal and later the mayor are constantly hassling her about what she's up to, and even become her enemies. Sound familiar?