Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Rob's Room: This F***'d Me Up as a kid!

Brilliant! I'd probably swap out the Coraline and Hobbit moments with Bambi's mom getting shot, but kudos to this edit. What else is missing (it has a Robocop scene, so R-rated films seem to be permitted)? Alien chest-buster / Jaws eating people / Jason jumping out of the water at Camp Crystal Lake / Han frozen in carbonite / Gregory Peck trying to kill his "son" in The Omen / Jack axing through a bathroom door to get to his wife / Superman unable to save Lois Lane from an earthquake / the Blob attacking the hobo (The Blob terrified me as a kid! Haha!). Wow... no wonder I am so messed up! Haha!

Rob's Room: Matt Wagner's Batman