Thursday, August 5, 2021

Rob's Room: Y: The Last Man | Official Trailer

I look forward to this! Really enjoyed the book... and hope it doesn't just turn into The Walking Dead television series! (via Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool)

Rob's Room: The Origin of Spidery-Man by Kerry Callen

The Origin of Spidery-Man by Kerry Callen (August 1, 2018)  [a parody of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man for MAD magazine issue 3] (via The Art of the Cover) 

Kerry Callen on unscripted twist ending:
Originally, I had a different last page written. Uncle “Ken” was at the wrestling ring where Spidery-Man fought. Uncle Ken lost all his money, betting on the wrong guy, and had a heart attack and died. “P. P. Poker” takes the money he won and skipped town to avoid all responsibility. It was fine, but this new one occurred to me and I like it much better. 

The Last Galactus Story: Unfinished

Here is what John Byrne had to say about the storyline (as quoted by Braden-found on the Comic Book Urban Legends page.)...
“We ran nine episodes in Epic Illustrated and it still wasn’t enough to save the book,” Byrne remembers, “so it was canceled. Then, of course, there was essentially nowhere else to put it. I kept promising myself that one of these days I would finish it as a story in the Fantastic Four, but I left the book and felt it was no longer my prerogative to deal with those characters since they weren’t ‘my’ characters anymore. Marvel, in one of their Marvel Universe entries, declared that story to be imaginary and I said, ‘Well, jeez, I don’t work on imaginary stories (laughter),’ or I didn’t in those days. So it languishes in comic book oblivion, or wherever the ‘comic book stories that never get done’ go.”
John Byrne then offered this up to fans if they are curious how he would have ended it (as quoted by Braden-found on the Comic Book Urban Legends page.),...
"We get to the end and he battles a Rogue Watcher, who is actually the same Watcher present when Galactus first appeared. This was the same Watcher who didn’t do anything to stop Galactus from being created and who’s consumed with guilt. So what the Rogue Watcher was trying to do was move an entire galaxy away from Galactus and hide it, so that at least one would be spared.”How could the Rogue Watcher do this? Byrne came up with the idea that by focusing the collected stars’ energy into the galaxy’s core, the Rogue Watcher would then be able to propel the galaxy away from Galactus. Byrne explained, “The Rogue Watcher was taking the stars of the galaxy and moving them so as to create a tunnel effect through it’s core. And if you believe a word of this, you’ve been reading far too many comic books (laughter)!”
“Galactus then battles the Rogue Watcher,” Byrne continues. “It’s almost at the end of the universe; all the entropy has worked up to its full vigor and the universe is running down. In order to defeat the Rogue Watcher, Galactus finally consumes every last shred of energy that is in the universe. Galactus becomes the final repository of all energy in the universe. He then cracks the seal on his helmet, takes his helmet off, and all the energy that he’s stored up explodes out of him. He becomes the big bang of the next universe, with Nova becoming the Galactus of that universe."