Friday, June 14, 2024

Rob's Room: Watchmen Chapters 1 & 2 Trailer

Why?! And if they had to, why not stick with Dave Gibbons' art style?!


Tonebone said...

I must say I was dubious about this, but I think it looks awesome! And, why not stick with Dave Gibbons' art style, you ask? I think it is instantly recognizable as his style. They really amped up the lighting fx, but I think that only serves to help it not look like a comic, which the flat-ish lighting in the original book uses to make it look MORE like a comic.

The Dork said...

I agree with you Tonebone! Especially, knowing what I know about WB and how cheap they are - I'm surprised it looks as good as it does. Now, whether or not it needed to be made - anything in todays's animation desert that brings gigs to workers is a thumps up in my book. Of course, that being said the IP reboots, spin offs, & animating comic book stories makes me a bit sad, because it doesn't leave a spot for original properties. And as we all know there are only so many slots on the green light shelf!

Anonymous said...

Looks good but I said the same thing when they released the trailer to Batman Year One and DC not using Mazzucchelli’s original art 🤦🏽‍♂️