Thursday, December 1, 2022

Rob's Room: Christmas 1981

Indeed! (via Super 70s Sports)
From catalogs, to advertisements, to underneath the Christmas tree...
What was your favorite holiday gift growing up? Mine probably came later... a Fender Squire guitar! 

I think one of the reasons I was gullible with that fake Atari ad was recalling this SNL skit. If Stevie Wonder was up for this, I figured he'd be up for selling Atari! 


DanielT said...

Just want to make it clear that Stevie Wonder ad is fake.

Rob said...

Omg, DanielT! I did not even realize that… I just figured it was reflective to how oblivious we were to sensitivity back in those days. I am actually relieved to know that (and embarrassed to not have understood it)!