Saturday, October 1, 2022

Beatrice Food's Clark Bar Superhero Sweepstakes - 1978!

The Clark Bar is a famous American candy bar that was used by Beatrice to promote their Super Friends sweepstakes in 1978. It was the Superhero Sweepstakes, which allowed people to win the prizes seen below.

First Prize: A trip to New York City to visit the offices of DC Comics, so that an artist could draw the winner into an issue of your favorite comic book. Also, once the comic is published, they will send fifteen copies to the winner's family and friend.

Second Prize: Famous Superhero Watches featuring Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Batman and Joker. The watches were made in Switzerland.

Third Prize: A free year's subscription to your favorite DC or Marvel comic book, such as The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Red Sonja, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Justice Society, Ms. Marvel, and Little Lulu.

Other Giveaways: For those not participating in the contest, were able to win Super Heroes products by purchasing Clark Bars and other related products and send in their order. These products included:

Famous Superhero Zing Wings: Plastic flying saucers, (Frisbee) featuring Superman, Batman or Spider-Man.

Famous Superhero Flashlights: Toy flashlights featuring Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman.

Famous Superhero Superstickers: Featuring Captain Marvel and others.

Famous Superhero Superkite: A lightweight vinyl kite with Spider-Man.

Famous Superhero Sunglasses: Featuring Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman.

Famous Superhero Superposters: Posters featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Superman, Thor and Hulk.

Famous Superhero Superlamps: Desk lamps featuring Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman.

Famous Superhero Utility Belts: Miniature version of Batman's Utility Belt, comes with a variety of accessories.

Famous Super Parachutists: Toys of Superman, Spider-Man or Batman wearing parachutes.

Famous Superhero Stamp Set: A stamp set that features eight different superheroes.

Famous Superhero Radio Control Vehicles: Remote controlled cars of either the Batmobile or the Spider-Man's Car.

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