Monday, December 6, 2021

Rob's Room: Hawkeye End Credits references David Aja's Art

Hawkeye End Credits references David Aja's art... I hope they end up compensating him for his contributions. (via Trashed in Pluto)

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The Dork said...

I know this is not a popular belief and probably weird coming from me, since I'm an artist, but Rob - I do not think Marvel owes anything to David Aja for using or being inspired by the artwork from the Hawkeye comic. I might be mistaken, but I assume that David Aja was a work-for-hire when he drew the Hawkeye comic and if so he doesn't own anything he was paid to create. That's the down side of being a work-for-hire. Of course the up side is he got a check for his work. Anyway, that's my two cents worth - which I'm entitled to, because the Dork Review is not a work-for-hire blog :) Though I kind of wish it was so you and I could make at least something from all the work we put into it! The Dork