Monday, June 29, 2020

Rob's Room: I ♥️ Milton Glaser

Sorry, I've missed a couple of obituaries lately, but this one impacted me... Thank you, Mr. Glaser!
Milton Glaser, 1929 - 2020
Clarification: Joe Shuster's SUPERMAN logo refined by Marshall Arisman (some twitter posts indicate it was Milton Glaser studio... but twitter is always accurate, right...? Anyone know if this is the case?), based on the Ira Schnapp version from 1940. First appeared on SUPERMAN #386 dated Aug. 1983. 
(THANKS to Tonebone and apologies for the misattribution! Will update [or possibly remove this part] as I learn additional info...) Here is a before & after:
Apparently, Milton Glaser was also co-creator and lead designer on this bleak "Mickey Mouse in Vietnam" short from 1968... I'd never seen this before.


Toinebone said...

Milt Glaser didn't design the Superman logo... Shuster did the original, which was later cleaned up by Ira Schnapp, and later revised by the artist Marshal Arisman (!).

Anonymous said...

i'm a huge Fan of Milton Glaser but he didn't do the rolling Stones Logo John Pasche did