Thursday, October 4, 2018

Wanted TPB : Zatanna's Solo Adventure

Writer: Gerry Conway 
Artist: Various
Publisher: DC Comics (1981)
Includes: World's Finest Comics #274-278 and Justice League of America #187

These solo stories; which ran through the World Finest books were great. We had Hawkman, Green Arrow, Zatanna, and others. It would be nice if these solo adventures were each collected into their own TPB for each character.

I would start with Zatanna.

Dork Note: A LOT of people prefer the current and retro Zatanna in her original stage performer outfit with top hat, coat tails, and fishnet stockings. Bruce Timm, Alex Ross, Ryan Sook, Adam Hughes, Terry Dodson, and Frank Cho all seem to fit into that category.

However, I prefer her Satellite-Era Zatanna outfit.

George Perez created the Satellite-Era costume for Zatanna; which first appeared in print in Justice League of America issue #187 drawn by Don Heck. George Perez did not draw this new costume until New Teen Titans #4; which came out a week later. Both were listed as February of 1981.

Fun Fact
: During Zatanna's Satellite-Era she began a flirtation relationship with the Flash (Barry Allen). See below the costume change and the suggestive pages.


Neil Hansen said...

Can you an enlargement of the pages displayed? Cannot really see what you ar discussing.

The Dork said...

There you go Neil - check it out!