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A to Z of DC-Verse Locations!

AmerTek Industries - A military arms dealer previously located in Washington DC.

Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Located in Gotham City.

Arrowcave, former base of operations of Green Arrow and Speedy.

Avernus Cemetery, a burial ground located in Central City for enemies of the Flash known as the Rogues, it is in a hidden location.
Baltimore, home of Guy Gardner.Batcave, headquarters of Batman. Located directly beneath Wayne Manor.

Belle Reve, a high security metahuman prison. Headquarters of the Suicide Squad. Located in Louisiana.

Big Belly Burger - Popular fast food restaurant.

Blackgate Prison located near Gotham City, a prison known to house mostly non-metahuman criminals for Gotham.

Blüdhaven, former home of Dick Grayson (Nightwing), destroyed by The Society. Located near Gotham City in New Jersey. Considered to be in the vicinity of Delaware.

Blue Valley, birthplace of the third Flash (Wally West) and home of Stargirl. Located in Nebraska.

Brick City, one-time home of Black Lightning. Boston, former home base of Wonder Woman. 

Calvin City, home of the Golden Age Atom. Located in Pennsylvania.

Central City, former home of the second Flash (Barry Allen). Speculated to be in Missouri or Minneapolis.

Charlton’s Point, home of Miguel Devante, the new Son of Vulcan.

Chicago, former home base of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, the second Blue Beetle, and Nightwing.

Civic City, former home of the Justice Society of America. Located in Pennsylvania.

Coast City, home of Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

Codsville, small fishing village in Maine for which the original Doom Patrol gave their lives. Renamed "Four Heroes City" after the death of the Doom Patrol.

Cosmos, small hometown of the Teen Titan Risk. Located in Colorado

Crime Alley, the most dangerous area of Gotham, where Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed.

Daily Planet Building, home office of the Daily Planet, Metropolis' main newspaper.

Daggett Industries - is a pharmaceutical company owned by Roland Daggett.

Dakota City, home of Icon, Static, Shadow Cabinet and the Blood Syndicate.

Dallas, home to the third Air Wave.

Danny the Street, a sentient street and member of the Doom Patrol.

Dayton, home of Black Alice.

Denver, former homebase of The Martian Manhunter.

Detroit, former home base of the Justice League and Firestorm, hometown of Lady Shiva.
Empire City, home of the second Manhunter (Paul Kirk). Located in Vancouver, Canada. 

Delta City, home of the Heckler and Vext. It is established in Doom Patrol Volume 5 #16 that it exists within regular DCU continuity.

Dos Rios, home of the second El Diablo. Located in Texas.

El Paso, hometown of Jaime Reyes, the current Blue Beetle.

Fairfield, former home of Billy Batson (Captain Marvel), Mary Batson (Mary Marvel), and their adopted parents. Destroyed by Mr. Atom.

Fawcett City, home of Captain Marvel, the Marvel Family, Bulletman, Ibis the Invincible, and several other characters formerly associated with Fawcett Comics. Located in the Southern United States, speculated to be Atlanta, Georgia.

Feithera, a hidden city of bird-people. Home of Northwind. Located in Greenland (destroyed).

Ferris Aircraft - Aerospace company founded by Carl Ferris and run by his daughter Carol Ferris.

Flash Museum, a memorial to the Flash (Barry Allen). Located in Central City.

Fortress of Solitude, an Arctic fortress used by Superman as a secret lair. Located near the North Pole.

Gateway City, former home of Wonder Woman. Located in California.

Gorilla City, populated by super-intelligent apes. Home of Solovar and Gorilla Grodd. Located in Africa.

Gotham City, home of the Batman. Fictionally located in the vicinity of lower New Jersey and Delaware, across from Philadelphia, upon the Delaware Bay.

Gotham University, also named Gotham State University, is the main university in Gotham City.

GothCorp - Company based in Gotham City, owned by Ferris Boyle.

Granville, a small Kansas town near Smallville.
Hall of Doom, base of the Legion of Doom.

Hall of Justice, one-time home base of the Justice League. A version of this is the headquarters of the Justice League in the animated series Superfriends. Another version of this appears in the new series Young Justice, where the Hall appears as the Headquarters of the Justice League to the public eye.

Happy Harbor, location of the Secret Sanctuary of the JLA, and former home of Lucas "Snapper" Carr. Located in Rhode Island.
Hidden City, home of the magically gifted Homo Magi people. Located in Turkey.

Holliday College, is the main university of Gateway City and where Wonder Woman met the Beeta Lambda sorority of Holliday Girls and Etta Candy.
House of Mystery, extradimensional structure presided over by Cain.

House of Secrets, extradimensional structure presided over by Abel. A version is also headquarters of the Secret Six.

Hub City, home of Vic Sage, the original Question. 

Iceberg Lounge, nightclub and base of operations for the Penguin. Located in Gotham City.

Iron Heights, a high security prison devised for many of The Flash's foes. Located near Keystone City.

Ironworks - Located in Metropolis, stated by John Henry Irons.

Ivy Town, home of the second and current Atom. Located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

Justice Society Headquarters. Current version built on the foundation of the former brownstone headquarters and museum. The former headquarters located in Gotham City, the latter in Manhattan. Sometimes called Dodds Mansion.

Kansas City, Missouri, home to the Doom Patrol during the Kupperberg/ Morrison run.

Keystone City, home of both the original and current Flashes: Jay Garrick and Wally West, as well as Jakeem Thunder. Located in Pennsylvania.

Kord Industries - Industrial firm founded by Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle.

Leesburg, South Carolina, home of Peter David's Supergirl

Lexcorp Towers complex, former headquarters of Lex Luthor. Located in Metropolis.

Legion Academy, training school for the Legion of Super Heroes. Located in Metropolis in the 31st century.

Los Angeles, current home base of the hero Manhunter, temporary base of The Outsiders and former home base of Blue Devil.

Liberty Hill, hometown of the third Tattooed Man.
Manchester, Alabama, hometown of Kid Flash.

Mapleville, a small town Superman visited in Action Comics #179.

Metropolis, home of Superman. Fictionally Located in Michigan across from Detroit in the location of Grand Rapids. Metropolis is speculated to be relocated in a region of New York/New Jersey in the Legion era extending all the way to Long Island.

Middleton, home of Martian Manhunter. Located just north of Denver.

Midway City, former home of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and the Doom Patrol.

Midwest City, former home of Captain Comet (Pre-Crisis only).

Midvale, home of the pre-Crisis Supergirl.

Monument Point, home to the Justice Society of America as they try to rebuild the city after they failed to save it from destruction.

Nanda Parbat, mystical city hidden in the mountains of Tibet.

New Carthage, location of Hudson University, where Dick Grayson (among others) attended college. Located in New York.

New Venice, Submerged fictional city used as Aquaman's base of operations for a time. Later revealed to be set in Florida.

New York, home base to many heroes over the years. However, in some versions, 

Metropolis is the DCU version of New York rather than a separate city.

Metropolis University, the main university in Metropolis.

Netherworld, a fictional area of the city of Chicago.

Oblivion Bar, an extradimensional bar used as a gathering place/hangout for magic users, as well as the headquarters for the Shadowpact

Opal City, home of Starman.

Peña Duro, also called Hard Rock in English is once prison of the villain Bane, located in Santa Prisca.

Philadelphia, home of The Ray and the Black Condor.

Phoenix, home to Starman Will Payton.

Pittsburgh, home for several years to the original Firestorm.
Park City, former home of Black Canary.

Platinum Flats, home of the Birds of Prey beginning in 2008. Located in California.

Portsmouth, home of the second Doctor Mid-Nite. Located in Washington.

Project Cadmus, an experimental genetics lab. Located in Metropolis. The Young Justice animated series has it located in Washington D.C.

Radiance, home of the 1940s hero Little Boy Blue. Located in Pennsylvania.

Reichuss Mansion, a mobile haunted house that served as the House of Secrets in the 1990s Vertigo series of that name. Sanctum of Doctor Fate, located in Salem, Massachusetts.

San Diego, half of this city was submerged under the ocean due to an earthquake, becoming Sub Diego. The outlying suburbs are home to Animal Man.

San Francisco, current home base of the Teen Titans.

Santa Marta, Hollywood wannabe city all but destroyed by Major Disaster. Located in California.

Science City, home of the Titan Red Star. Located in Russia.

Seattle, former home of Green Arrow and Black Canary.
Secret Sanctuary, original headquarters of the Justice League of America and briefly headquarters of the Doom Patrol. Located in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

Sherwood Florist, originally in Seattle and now in Star City, the business operated by Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary.

Slabside Island, a.k.a. The Slab, a high security metahuman prison. Originally located in New York, later transported to Antarctica.

Smallville, former home of Clark Kent and Conner Kent. Located in Kansas.

Solar City, Florida, home of Bruce Gordon/Eclipso

Stagg Enterprises - It is a research and development firm in genetices reseach founded by Simon Stagg.

Star City, home of Green Arrow. Located in San Francisco. 

S.T.A.R. Labs - Labs for scientific research on metahuman studies located in various facilities.
Suicide Slum, a dangerous part of Metropolis.

Stonegate Prison, analogous to Blackgate Prison in Batman: The Animated Series and the greater DC Animated Universe.

St. Roch, home of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Located in Louisiana.

Sub Diego, is a submerged part of San Diego located off the coast of California. It is home to Aquagirl and served as a base of operations for Aquaman for a time.

Superbia, the home base of the Ultramarine Corps. Located over the remains of Montevideo. 

Titans Tower, headquarters of the Teen Titans, originally located in New York City. Currently located in San Francisco.

Topeka, Kansas, destroyed via explosion in an alien invasion.

Tokyo, Japan, home base for the Super Young Team and Big Science Action.

Underworld, a place in Metropolis's sewers which is rejected by society where the Warworlders took control of.

Université Notre Dame des Ombres, a college in France specifically for super-enhanced humans.

Valhalla Cemetery, a burial ground located in Metropolis for superheroes who have died in the line of duty, it is meant to be a sacred resting place for heroes.

Vanity, home of Aztek. Located in Oregon.

Viceroy, home of Resurrection Man. Located in South Carolina.

Violet Valley, home of the Rachel Pollack version of the Doom Patrol.

Washington DC, current home base of Steel, Alpha Centurion and the Freedom Fighters.

Wayne Enterprises - Waynetech, Wayne Industries and many companies incorporated with philanthropist Bruce Wayne. 

Wayne Manor, ancestral home of Bruce Wayne. Located outside Gotham City.

Wayne Tower, is the main building to Wayne Enterprises downtown Gotham City.

Zenith City, home of the Bulleteer.

Extraterrestrial sites

Hardcore Station, lawless space-city run by corporations.

Heliopolis, a city in space.

Justice League Satellite, headquarters of the Justice League of America. Located in orbit - 22,300 miles above the surface of the Earth.

Justice League Watchtower, former headquarters of the Justice League of America. A satellite that orbits the earth.

Portworld, intergalactic spaceport.

Starlag, a prison station.

Ranx the Sentient City, sentient city destroyed by Sodam Yat.

Warworld, artificial planet used by Mongul and Brainiac.

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