Sunday, March 25, 2012

Secret Wars Jam by Daniel Partouche

Artists: Brad Walker - Black Widow, Phil Jimenez - Spider-man , Mike Perkins - Captain America, George Perez - Thing, Mike Choi - Wolverine, Brandon Peterson - Cyclops, Ariel Olivetti - Hulk, Clay Mann - Rogue , Rafa Sandoval - Spider-Woman, Koi Pham - Wasp, Clayton Henry - Nightcrawler, Steve Kurth - Iron Man, Dan Panosian - Colossus, Jim Cheung - Hawkeye, Mike McKone - Mr. Fantastic and Mike Zeck Layouts

Dork Note: Damn! what a friggin' awesome idea!


Par2ch said...

Still a work in progress, hope to add to it at FloridaSuperCon in a few weeks.

The Dork said...