Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Iron Man's Stealth Armor!

History: Designed after Tony was detected approaching a Roxxon space station using the Space Armor, the Stealth Armor was designed to focus on stealth over offensive weaponry. It was used by Stark to infiltrate the Heaven's Hand fortress in the area formerly known as East Germany. The Stealth Armor was later used by Stark to infiltrate Soviet airspace during the first Armor Wars. When Iron Man (Teen Tony) and James Rhodes battled Stockpile, their employer Morgan Stark attempted to remotely control a number of older armors including a stealth model.

Capabilities: The Stealth Armor maximizes concealment over everything else. As a result, it is more fragile and cannot fit into a briefcase. Radar-absorbing coating, ECM jamming, and a wave-modifying plasma layer held by a forcefield distort incoming radar and sonar signals. Emissions from the jets are washed by supercooled air as the boots themselves have liquid oxygen rings. The original model had no weapons systems. A later version had limited weaponry: repulsors have enough charge for three shots. Its unibeam is usable but similarly low-powered.  The later upgrades included the ability for the armor to change colour for stealth purposes, although this camouflage ability was limited to working only in environments that were of one colour, such as snow.

Fun Fact: The Stealth Armor is actually black, appearing as blue only because of the printing limitations of the era, in which blue had to be used as a fill-in for black surfaces and objects. 

Fun Fact: The Stealth Suit was based on the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit.

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