Saturday, March 24, 2018

Animated Comic Book Cornerbox Art

Arthur Adams' animation work on 1985's Longshot miniseries:
Hulk animation is by Al Milgrom from The Incredible Hulk #292 - #300.  Interestingly, this animation mirrors the story in the books of Bruce Banner's intellect losing controlling The Hulk.
Magik was a four-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics in 1983–1984.  The corner box artwork shows what happened while the character was in Limbo, aging and being corrupted by demons:
In 1988, DC's Power of the Atom series ends with a shrinking, (then disappearing) Atom on the covers! (This is the only instance I could find in DC books Unsurprising, since corner box art wasn't really their thing...):
Machine Man art by Barry Windsor-Smith from the 4 issue limited series (circa 1984) - it's not animated corner art, but rather animated cover art:

Dork Note: If anyone knows of any others please drop me a line.


Rob said...

Funny! I've been working on a post of Pop Artwork based on Marvel Corner Art!

The Dork said...

Rob, I scheduled this post at some point, but have ZERO memory of making it! AHAHHAHAHAH

Rob said...

Dork... you're not crazy (well, you are... but not because of this). I took an earlier post of yours from 2013 and added a whole bunch of stuff to it yesterday. The updates came about because I posted the Arthur Adams Longshot art to a Bill Sienkiewicz Facebook thread yesterday to which he responded, "Arthur Adams Is amazing. Have you seen some of the latest commissions he's posted recently? Stunning. I do not know HOW he does it. I mean, I know how he makes the marks and why ,i just don't know how he maintains his sanity... unless heywaitaminute." I love that you can interact with these amazing artists on social media.