Thursday, October 12, 2017

Wanted TPB : Power Record's Book and Record Set

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Publisher: DC Comics (1970's)
Includes: Various

I know this is a major long shot, but it would be sweet to have these 1970's comics see the light of day again; especially if the TPB came with a CD of all the recordings.

Vanguard did it with Neal Adam's Monster storybook and record I guess it's not totally impossible.

Thank you to Rob! at Power Record for making these available on-line.


Rocky WonderPug said...

Power Records releases are endlessly fascinating to me. So much great blogging about them, yet still so many unanswered questions. Who owns the rights to the original recordings? Where are the master tapes? Do they even still exist? Who were the actors? How much input did Marvel and DC have on the recordings, the stories, choosing which characters were chosen, et cetera, et cetera? *sigh*

Rob said...

I forgot all about these... AWESOME! I had the Batman & Sherlock Holmes Book & Record set.