Monday, August 21, 2017

Rob's Room: Skullgirls Info Needed!

Why can't I find very much info on the Skullgirls? Bryce Nussbaum, Janni Amireh, Lotti Duff, and Paris Pantoja were the stars of 2014's Grayson (New 52) series as far as I'm concerned! Nearly every scene they were in made me laugh.  I/m surprised I couldn't find a tumblr account dedicated to them. Were they created by Grant Morrison in his Batman Incorporated series (2012)? Can anyone help a fellow dork out with a link to more info?
The girls attend St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls, learning how to be proper ladies -- and assassins for the espionage organization, Spyral.  Beyond that, there is a dearth of information on them and their backstories.  From what I can discern, Janni Amireh seems to be from an (unnamed) Arab country, Lotti Duff is Scottish, and Paris Pantoja is Latin ("Ay dios mio" and "Hijole!").   Yet I can't find much hint on Bryce Nussbaum (she seems to be culturally Jewish from the star of David that hangs in the dorm from.  A German Jew?).  Still, the characters don't feel defined by their heritage (despite how this poorly-worded post makes it sound)... Together, they simply feel like hormonal kids we went to school with who cause mayhem in delightful ways -- all the while fawning over Dick Grayson's butt...  check out their shenanigans:

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