Monday, June 12, 2017

Wanted TPB: Steel, The Indestructible Man

Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Don Heck
Publisher: DC Comics (1978)
Includes: Steel, The Indestructible Man #1-6 (6 was printed in the All-Star Squadron #8-9)

Geoff Johns reintroduced a "new" Steel in the Justice Society. This new Citizen Steel is the grandson of the original Commander Steel and the third person of this tragic family to bare the name and powers.

The original Steel was introduced in this 5 issue series then went on to be a major player in the All-Star Squadron. This 5 issue series was originally printed in 1978 but suffered under the DC Implosion of that year where something like twenty titles were canceled.

Commander Steel eventually gave his life fighting the supervillain Eclipso. Shouldn't his sacrifice be honored with a TPB (that includes the 6th issue)...I know it should. God Bless America!


Mr. Acer said...

In 2013, I had Gerry Conway (my favorite writer) sign a copy of the first issue, among other comics he worked on.

The Dork said...