Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wanted TPB: Secrets of the Legion of Superheroes

Writer: E. Nelson Bridwell and Paul Kupperberg (Secrets) and Paul Levitz (Collectors Edition)
Artist: Jimmy Janes (Secrets) and Mike Grell (Collectors Edition)
DC Comics (1977-Collectors Edition and 1981)

Secrets of the Legion of Superheroes #1-3 and the Superboy and the
Legion of Superheroes Collectors' Edition #55

This mini-series laid bare the Legion of Superheroes origins through the unraveling of a mystery, "Who is R.J. Brande's daddy?" This mini had a "didn't see it coming" conclusion!
Plus with DC mixing it up again with the Legion of Superheroes! It's time to release this mini-gem and the collectors edition as a TPB.Clipped from www.legiononline.net :
It was during the Legion's giant-size period that its most infamous publication was produced. Nicknamed "That Damned Tabloid" by Legion fans, All-New Collector's Edition C-55 featured the long-awaited wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. In order to ensure that its fans were able to purchase a copy, DC placed a full-page ad in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes # 237 for them to notice it, noting that it would go on sale "around the 1st of the year!" Of note is that SLSH # 237 took place after "That Damned Tabloid," and indeed showed Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl both leave the Legion and for their honeymoon in the same issue. Whether the tabloid was available on newsstands before "the 1st of the year" is debatable, but the likelihood is that the stories were read out of order by Legion fans.

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Ray in Boston said...

I bought C-55 on the Newstand as a 12-year old kid (I had ordered a copy through the mail - but it ended up coming months and months later AFTER I had already bought it from the newstand. So, I have (2) copies)). Anyhow, it got delayed, so I believe it came out well after the first of the year. I remember it being around the March timeframe.