Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Wanted TPB : Faze 1 Fazers

Writer: Bill Black and Victor Bridges
Victor Bridges, final issue Erik Larsen
AC Comics (1986)

Faze 1 Fazers #1-4, Fazers Sketchbook, and Venture #3 (backstory)

This was a mini-series that came out at the height of Watchmen, Crisis, and Dark Knight. It is also a series that was missed by most.

The story has a girl called Girl-Bot that can separate her body parts at the joints. Also a guy named, Springer, that can separate his body parts as well, but has springs between them. Despite what it sounds like this series was cool for what it was.

Plus Vic Bridges at this time had a very John Byrne feel to his work; which I liked a lot. He eventually evolved past it, but in this series it's very prominent.

So if anyone knows anyone at AC Comics drop 'em a hint so I can get this as a TPB.

Dork Note Update: I bought this whole series and had it bound into a hardcover!

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