Friday, March 3, 2017

Unfinished Fridays: Dusty Star

Dork Note: Comic book series may not be completed for a variety of reasons...sales too low, the publisher ceases to be, personal conflict, or the creative team just gives up. For whatever reason... I just have to say I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK!!! I WANT TO SEE THE STORIES FINISHED!

Dusty Star was written by Joe Pruett and drawn by Andrew Robinson. 2 issues were published in 1997 and then an issue in 2006 by Image comics.

This book falls into a rare category of SUPER-FRUSTRATION! Much like the book The Lost, this book came out, but was unfinished then was revived YEARS LATER again to be left unresolved. It makes me sad as a fan.

Funny side note: Dusty Star Special Edition-46 page hardcover book to include issue #1 along with a new 24-page installment is in the works, but the release date is TBA. BUT here is the kicker it will be listed at $25...yep TWENTY FIVE BUCKS! Read it and weep that is $ .50 a page! UPDATE: I believe this was NEVER REALEASED EITHER!!!

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lgpmorrison said...

I contacted Andrew Robinson on Tumblr about this, never got an answer. Perhaps you could try...