Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wanted TPB: Wake Omnibus

Writer: Jean-David Morvan 
Artist: Philippe Buchet  
Publisher: NBM Publishing (1998+)
Includes: Wake #1-16

Dork Note: NBM translated into English 6 of the 16 volumes of Wake. However, they failed to publish all the volumes at the same size; which is amazingly annoying! 

Also they choose to print the stories with a black censor bar across the main characters breast because they were bare.
Navee in the censored American version compared to the original art.

I felt this was unnecessary and destructive to the visual flow of the narrative. NBM has a history of censoring nudity in the French comics they publish in America. So if someone ever does reprint these books in the US I hope they leave the artwork unmarked.

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