Monday, January 16, 2017

Wanted TPB: Mage by Matt Wagner Omnibus

Omnibus Why (besides the obvious): Both Volumes #1 (Hero Discovered) and #2 (Hero Defined) have been released in TPBs. When Volume #2 was released in 2000 - they re-released Volume #1 in the same format; which was great. However, its now been over a decade since this series has seen print - Its time for an Omnibus release.

The Mage Omnibus Should Contain: Volumes #1 (Hero Discovered) Issues #1-15, Grendal (Backup Story) #16 -19, and Volume #2 (Hero Defined) Issues #1-15.

Dork Note: This property should be developed as a HBO/SHOWTIME/AMC series.


CRPechonick said...

And Matt Wagner should really do volume three so we can have this series wrapped up!!!

The Dork said...