Sunday, January 8, 2017

Short Story by The Dork

Saw this at Target and had to take a picture of it.
Imagine the conversation the Artist had with the Old Spice Execs....

Artist, "So you want it to be a wolf?"
Exec, "Yeah a tough wild wolf."
Artist, "Tough?"
Exec,"Yeah, tough wild like. Maybe snarling or something."
Artist, "So you want the wolf snarling?"
Exec, "Yeah, that will totally make it manly tough!"
Artist, "OK, snarling. Anything else?"
Exec, "Hum, what could make it even feel tougher then tough?"
Artist (in a joking tone), "You could give him an eye patch, HAHA."
Exec, "Yeah, that would totally work. Let's give him an eye a pirate or bandit!"
Artist, "Hum, what?!
Exec, "An eye patch like you said. That will make him totally hardcore!"
Artist, "OK, so you want a wild wolf, that's snarling and with an eye patch?"
Exec, "Yep, Old Spice is a Bad Ass Snarling Wild Wolf with an Eye Patch!"
Artist, "OK, no problem. I'll have it ready for you by Friday!"
Exec, "Cool, but one last thing...let's give him one leg shorter then the other leg like he is jumping at us. Can you do that?"
Artist, "No short leg."
Exec, "Great, I look forward to seeing it on Friday, bye"
Artist, "Bye."

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