Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rob's Room: Bernie Wrightson Retires

Wishing Bernie Wrightson the best.  Thank you for all your beautiful works (even when especially when they scared the bejesus outta me)... Give it up for a true artist!  Check out more of his Batman on our previous post here.  Note to self:  Find my copy of Stephen King's "Cycle of the Werewolf" book!  I remember coaxing my mom into buying it for me... I don't think helicopter parents today would allow such a thing (check out some of the art near the bottom of this post).
(via berniewrightson.com)
Dear Fans and Friends,  
I apologize for our silence for the past few months. Last November Bernie began falling again, and having obvious problems with perception. He had to undergo yet another brain surgery to relieve bleeding, and then spend several weeks undergoing in-patient rehabilitation. Unfortunately, it appears that he has lasting damage: he has extremely limited function on his left side, and is unable to walk or reliably use his left hand, among other limitations.  
We have had to come to the sad conclusion that he is now effectively retired: he will produce no new art, and he is unable to attend conventions. Should this situation change I will happily announce it here.  
He can still sign his name (in fact he was signing Kickstarter prints in the hospital!), and is otherwise pretty healthy and has good cognition. We expect to continue releasing signed prints, and offering occasional pieces of art for sale from the collection that remains. We both thank all of you for your continuing support and good wishes!  
All our best,
Liz and Bernie Wrightson 

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