Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wanted TPB: Vixen

Artist: Various
DC Comics (1981-1984)
Canceled Comic Cavalcade-the VIXEN #1, Action Comics #521, and DC Comics Presents #68

via Dial B for Blog:
The Vixen is a lady fox! DC must have wanted to make sure you remembered that, reader, because it's practically part of the book's logo. Created by Gerry Conway with Carla Conway, Vixen is super-model Marilyn McCabe, whose father was murdered. After discovering a necklace that activated her mystical powers, McCabe became Vixen, a lady fox, and got her revenge. The story's final caption reads: "THE END…AND THE BEGINNING." Vixen finally made her official debut three years later, in Action Comics #521. Above is the aborted cover of The Vixen #1, drawn by Bob Oskner and Vince Colletta, Below is the story's opening splash page.

Dork Note: This would be one of the shortest TPB I have ever wanted, but it would be nice to have these published issues along with the unpublished issue of Vixen. It's to bad DC did not publish these issues with the TPB Vixen, Return of the Lion (shown below). A missed opportunity for sure.

Update: With the announcement of a new Vixen animated series I'd hope this would give DC an incentive to re-release this TPB WITH the canceled Comic Cavalcade-the VIXEN #1, Action Comics #521, and DC Comics Presents #68 and for awhile it was solicited, but sadly it has now passed into the "Never To Be Collected Graveyard".

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