Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wanted TPB: The Heckler

Writer: Mary Bierbaum, Tom Bierbaum, and Keith Ian Giffen  
Artist: Keith Ian Giffen
Publisher: DC Comics (1992)
Includes: The Heckler #1-6 

History: Stuart "Stu" Moseley, co-owner of "Eats", a skid row diner in the ghetto section of Delta City, fights the injustices and slightly goofy criminal element as The Heckler, armed only with his sarcastic wit and a brightly colored costume. Stu's motivations and origins are unknown. Possibly he's just a glutton for punishment, for it seems that he receives no respect from his contemporaries in either his civilian or costumed alter ego's existence. It is notable that while walking around as Stu, he ends up coming across as slightly anal, frustrated and awkward; when wearing his costume, he seems to become a completely different person.

Other Appearances: The Heckler appears on two panels on page 31 of JLA: Welcome to the Working Week alongside Plastic Man and Ambush Bug. They seem to be leaving to get ready for a keg party. In issue #12 of the Book of Fate, Heckler makes a cameo in a bar called The Warriors where he and some other lesser known heroes are talking about their crime fighting memories. The Heckler also is singing Memories are Made of These by Dean Martin.

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