Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wanted TPB: General Mills Presents Justice League

Writer and Artists for the inprint and digital stories:
- Justice League #1 : writer Scott Beatty, artist Christian Duce
- Justice League #2 : writer Paul Tobin, artist Derec Donovan
- Justice League #3 : writer Doug Wagner, artist Christian Duce
- Justice League #4 : writer Joshua Williamson, artist Bruno Redondo
Publisher: DC Comics (2011)
Includes: General Mills Presents: Justice League #1-4 with the on-line backup stories.
Review Clipped from The Cool Kidz Table by KP: When I was a kid, I LOVED it any time DC or Marvel would offer some throwaway comic as a publicity stunt whether it be mailaway offerings on the back of pizza boxes or random Toys R' Us handouts. So when I heard that DC was working up a handful of Justice League one-shots to stuff in cereal boxes as the latest in DC Entertainment's attempts to brand build with little kids (never forget attempt #1), I was all for it. I know a lot of people would write this kind of thing off as the most crass of marketing ploys, but I know from experience that little things like this can be both entertaining for certain kids and foster a deeper love of comics in the chase to nab the books up if not the execution of the story on the page.

Review Clipped from
Comic Reviews by Walt: Despite my complaints and whatever negativity…the truth is…this is EXACTLY the sort of thing I would have been THRILLED with at age 8 or 9 or 12 when I was first getting into comics, being exposed to multiple heroes and seeing them doing heroic stuff. Long before I came to care about things like depth of character and the sort of stuff that’s lacking here. The back cover shows all four covers to this “mini-series,” and even has caption “Enjoy reading all 4 comics together as a family!” I don’t know about anyone else, but I figure that would be a splendid idea–you’ve got the cereal, you’ve got the comic, and you can spend some time reading with your kid.Dork Note: Batman is the only one who gets a mask. Where's the Wonder Woman mask for my daughter...dropping the ball again DC! DROPPING IT!!!

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