Saturday, December 10, 2016

Wanted TPB: The Best of Penthouse Comix

Writer: Various    
Artist: Various  
Publisher: Penthouse Comix  (1994-1998)
Includes: From Penthouse Comix #1-33: 
"Young Captain Adventure" Art by Adam Hughes and Joel Adams. 
"Scion" , "The Origin of Hericane" "Hot Stories" "Pin-Up" Art by Kevin Nowlan
"Catwalk" Art by Frank Frazetta.
"One Man's Opinion: Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" Art by Curt Swan. 
"Action Figures" Art by Jason Pearson

Clipped from Wikipedia: Penthouse Comix was an American mass-market, magazine-sized comic book, published by Penthouse International/General Media Communications from spring 1994 through July 1998. Penthouse Comix began after publisher Bob Guccione agreed to a budget that was designed to cheery pick top art talent from competitors. This resulted in Penthouse Comix offering a per-page art rate to freelancers of $800, the largest ever established as a standard for comic book line art.

Censorship: In June 1994, Canadian authorities warned that they would prohibit distribution of Penthouse Comics issue #2 because of "six panels of comics dealing with the subjugation of women and other sexual themes." Some European countries also altered a story that featured Adolf Hitler (under laws which prohibited depiction of the Nazi leader). Editor Carragonne then went out of his way to inflame the issue by prominently featuring a swastika on the cover of Penthouse Comix #3. Although the cover had clearly been modeled on 1960s men's pulp magazine covers (which routinely featured Nazi villains), for foreign markets the swastika was altered to become an "X," and depictions of Hitler's head and swastika ring (in one story written by Caragonne) were replaced with a smiley face.

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DeadSpiderEye said...

You know, I think I've got this issue somewhere, I think I recall picking it up in Forbidden Planet. Is it worth anything? cos I might ebay it, if is.