Friday, December 2, 2016

Rob's Room: WESTWORLD - Now & Then

I've really enjoyed WESTWORLD!  The original movie established every beat for the Jurassic Park book & film, but the new series on HBO has been fascinating.   I look forward to season 2.
Trivia: Neal Adams created the art for the 1973 movie poster (see below)!
Westworld America -  I’ve decided that “Westworld” is the perfect metaphor for America in 2016.  Like some of the characters in that show, I’ve spent the past year slowly coming to question the fundamental nature of our reality.  I’ve imagined America to be something it’s not, and my relationship to it as something other than what I believed it to be.  I’m Bernard Lowe, confronted by the truth that things I thought were self evident are false.  I’m Dolores, on a futile quest to find meaning when it will turn out my innermost thoughts are programmed responses to predictable stimulus.  I’m Maeve, awake to the truth, furious and determined to change my fate, but facing impossible odds in my desire to claim my own destiny.  I’m Robert Ford, smug in my mastery of things intellectual but blindsided by a chaos agent rising on the horizon.  I’m Teddy, doomed to repeat my follies over and over with ever greater conviction that this time I’m getting it right, and that my motives, fired by guilt, are pure.  And I’m also the Man in Black, fed up with the entire corrupt system, determined to find the truth at the rotten core, and willing to destroy everything in my path to face my true enemy: myself.
(via Gerry Conway, co-creator of The Punisher, from his Conway's Corner)
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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

What a great quote for a fantastic show. I am riveted and so glad it's only a ten episode season.