Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wanted TPB: The Family Dynamic

Writer: J. Torres
Tim Levins
Publisher: DC Comics (2008)
The Family Dynamic #1-3

This is an all-ages book, but in the old sense of the term. It isn't a "kiddie book", but a comic that would as easily appeal to an eight year old as to a middle aged fanboy like me. And since it doesn't depend on any prior continuity, being set in it's own little world (namely, the fictional Canadian "Metropolis" of Storm City), even those who aren't regular superhero comic readers could easily pick it up and enjoy it.

Order numbers on the first issues were apparently too low, and DC reduced the series from six issues to three before the first issue hit the stands. I hold out hope, though, that sales are good enough of the three to maybe convince DC to green-light another mini-series, or to at least give it a nice digest collection with extra bits.

Dork Note: The above did not happen and it remained a three issue mini-series with no follow up. I hope J. Torres and Tim Levins at some point can do another mini under a creator imprint!

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