Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wanted TPB: All Star Squadron, Ultra-Humanite Storyline

Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Jerry Ordway
DC Comics (1983)
All-Star Squadron #20-26 and All-Star Squadron Annual #2

Roy Thomas' and Jerry Ordway's run on the All-Star Squadron was just awesome and the Ultra-Humanite storyline (Ultra War) is the best example. Not only does this storyline show the greatness of the Justice Society of America, but in these issues the next generation of Earth 2 superheroes, the Inifinty Inc, are born. This is a perfect marriage between the Golden Age and the Modern Age of comics and would be a nice segway into an Infinity Inc. TPB.

Dork Note: I included Issue#20 in this reprint even though it is not part of the Ultra-Humanite storyline, because it is a great single issue lead in to the it. Plus it deserves to be reprinted!

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