Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rob's Room: Fantastic Mr. Fox' Canis Lupus

"I don't think he speaks English or Latin. 
[loudly, to the wolf] Pensez-vous que l'hiver sera rude?
[aside] I'm asking if he thinks we're in for a hard winter."

Jason Schwartzman on The Fantastic Mr. Fox Wolf Scene:

"[O]ne day when we were doing this particular scene with this wolf, we were all about to shoot it and then Wes said, you know we should really get someone to play the wolf so that the guys have someone to act opposite, and we looked around and Bill Murray was standing there with his hands in his pockets.  He took his hands out and said, “I can be the wolf.”  And Bill Murray just took off running, or I guess trotting.  And he ran, ran, ran, ran really far away until he was tiny.  And he turned around and actually became the wolf, like he, it’s almost as if he embodied the wolf.  And he acted it out for us, and it was so inspiring and so beautiful.  And Wes actually took out his camera phone, filmed it, and then sent that footage to the animators to base the wolf off of Bill Murray, so Bill Murray is the uncredited wolf in this movie.  And he actually, it was so good, it was as if he practiced it.  I mean, it was incredible, his wolf performance.  So, I think because of what the scene means, what it represents in the movie and the great warm message that it has in the scene, plus knowing the behind the scenes, what went into that scene, I think that’s my favorite scene in the movie."

or else it's racist...
A Racist Moment in The Fantastic Mr. Fox

(Updated with 8-bit gif. 8/18/16)

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