Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Rob's Room: Spider-Man by Gabriele Dell'Otto with Different Inkers

I love these inking demonstrations!  It reminds me of the previously posted Mike Zeck's Hulk Study from Comic Scene Magazine.

A pencil sketch of Spider-Man by Gabriele Dell'Otto that was published in the Marvel Heroes Portfolio was used at a convention inking panel for a number of artists to ink over.
From the top (via ungoliantschilde tumblr):

  • Original Penciled Artwork by Gabriele Dell'Otto
  • Inks by Andy Brase
  • Inks by the late Tony DeZuniga
  • Inks by Geof Isherwood
  • Inks by Craig Hamilton
  • Inks by Terry Moore
  • Inks by Atula Siriwardane - the inks that Atula Siriwardane did are not from the inking panel. he posted his inked version on his website after hearing about the panel.
  • Joe Rubinstein also inked the piece, but I am still looking for that version.

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