Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rob's Room: Darwyn Cooke Tribute - The Last Frontier by JsmNox

Darwyn Cooke Tribute
The Last Frontier by JsmNox
For this picture I've tried to mirror Darwyn style. The characters are some very famous heroes from DC Comics, but instead of drawing the New Frontier versions (from 1959), I've chosen to do the 70s versions instead. Why? I had two reasons: first, because it was 12 years ago that Darwing Cooke made the New Frontier and the action in this comic takes place in 1959. So 12 years later we're in the year 1971. And then, I love the comic-books DC published during this first years of the Bronze Age.
Now, the quote is from Superman Confidential #11, written by Darwyn Cooke. It was said in the comic by Superman.  
The Characters from left to right in the last panel are: Black Canary (Green Lantern #78), Omen (Teen Titans #33), Mister Miracle (Mister Miracle #2), Green Arrow (Green Lantern #80), Orion (New Gods #1), Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman #185), Batman (Batman #232), Superman (Superman #233), Robin (Justice League of America #92), Supergirl (Adventure Comics #409), Flash, Kid Flash (Teen Titans #33) and Green Lantern (Green Lantern #87).