Friday, April 22, 2016

Wanted TPB: The Shade

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Various
DC Comics (1997)
The Shade #1-4

I know this 4 issue mini-series was released as part of the Starman (1994) - Omnibus HC vol. 03, but it deserves its own TPB. Make it so DC - make it so!

Fun Fact (clipped from Wikipedia): Shade's post-Zero Hour origin is influenced by Charles Dickens' story The Old Curiosity Shop, which featured an English Rake also named Richard, and a dwarf named Quilp. In continuity, it is suggested that Shade's story instead inspired Dickens to write The Old Curiosity Shop. James Robinson has stated that he drew some inspiration for the Shade's mannerisms and speech patterns from the British stage and screen actor Jonathan Pryce.

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