Friday, February 19, 2016

Rob's Room: Deadpool-A-Palooza (or is it Dead-A-Pool-Ooza...?)

I saw the Deadpool movie and wish I could be more enthusiastic, but the best I can muster is to say "it wasn't bad."  It's worth seeing and I am glad they are making a sequel.  I've never been the biggest Deadpool fan to begin with, so perhaps that influenced my opinion (but I was actually looking forward to seeing this).  The trailers pretty accurately depict what you are gonna get.  There definitely were some fun & funny moments and the gratuitous violence didn't bother me at all, but overall it just left me tepid.  I loved it whenever the X-Men characters showed up; Hopefully, the sequel will be a road trip movie with Deadpool, Colossus & Negasonic Teenage Warhead!

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