Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rob's Room: Wonder Woman Lunchbox Too Violent for School

(via MeTV Networks)
If this is true, our country has officially gone insane...  I really hope this is fake, so I can post a relieved culpa mea.
 The offending lunchbox:

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The Dork said...

This is true - at my daughter's Pre-K we were told the same thing. No superhero related shirts, bags, costumes, etc. basically because superheroes solve their problems with their fists and not their words. They also felt kids who play "superhero" do a lot of pretend hitting and the school did not want to encourage hitting or even pretend hitting between students. As a parent and a dork - I was like lame, but the policy wasn't so egregious that I was willing to fight it with my words or pretend fists!