Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cool Jams: Convention Villain Jam Piece

Bat Mite by Evan Dorkin - Killer Frost by Jamal Igle - Mad Hatter by Jim Calafiore - Lex Luthor by Doug Braithwaite - Man-Bat by Micah Gunnell - Cain and Gregory the Gargoyle by David Petersen - Sawbones by David Beck - ReverseFlash by Noah Van Sciver - Riddler by Rich Faber
Mr. Dark by Mark Buckingham - Ratcatcher by Lee Weeks - Evil Star by Mark Johnson 
Ventriloquist and Scarface by Charlie Adlard - Nekron by Tony Moore
Solomon Grundy by Tommy Castillo - Brainiac by Alexander Serra - Silver Banshee by Louis Small Jr.
Enemy Ace by Matt Kindt - Kanto by Dean Haspiel - Mechanikat by Scott Cohn - Ultra-Humanite by Bobby Timony - Eclipso by CP Wilson III
Dr. Destiny by Mark Hempel - Mr. Zsasz by Jack Purcell - Johnny Sorrow by Freddie Williams III - Blackbriar Thorn by Matthew Petz - Calendar Man by Rudy Nebres - Lobo by Steve Ellis
Black Mask by Francisco Francavilla - Vartox by Joe Staton - Gorilla Grodd by Tom Raney - Ice Queen by Chrissy Zullo

Gentlemen Ghost and Shadow Thief by Tim Truman - Kobra by Robert Atkins - Gizmo by Art Baltazar - Ambush Bug by Keith Giffen

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