Thursday, January 8, 2015

1st Bill Willingham Elementals Art and More!

Clipped from Comic Art Fan: 1st Bill Willingham Elementals Art - Promo Poster & Justice Machine Annual #1. Charles Costas write, "At first, I didn't know exactly what this piece was. It seemed to be an early Elementals piece and others had found a promo poster in which it was used, but as I did more research, I found that it was actually the first Elementals piece use to promote the team and it actually pre-dated Justice Machine Annual #1 (their first appearance). The piece actually does appear in Justice Machine Annual #1 - in an ad on the back page. At one point, it was being promoted as the cover to #1, but Texas Comics never ended up printing the book and a new cover was developed by the time Comico decided to publish the book. This piece was also likely referenced when Michael Golden created the cover to Justice Machine Annual #1(see below). The similarities are uncanny. Evidence that this piece pre-dates Justice Machine Annual #1 comes from the 1983 El Paso Comic-Con program. In the program, it shows a picture of this piece and talks about the upcoming Justice Machine story that was in the works. 
 Michael Golden Artwork
Other Early Elemental Artwork by Bill Willingham
Dork Note: One of my lottery dreams - buy this property back from whoever currently owns it and give it to Bill Willingham to reboot. The original first story arc of this series was one of my favorites of all time!

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