Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1990's X-Men: The Animated Series - Questions!

Dork Note: Why is Thunderbird with the bad guys? And who the hell is the pink bald dude in a green costume?!



CRPechonick said...

That is not Thunderbird. It is Warpath, his little brother. Before he joined XFORCE he blammed the XMEN for the death of his brother and fought them.

The Dork said...

Was it like that in the cartoon as well?

CRPechonick said...

Been so long since I watched it I can not remember!

After a little digging it turns out the guy in green is The Gargoyle.


The Dork said...

Thanks CRP!

Yep - Gargoyle was seen in the intro to the theme song of the X-Men TV series when Magneto and his cadre of mutants charge toward the X-Men near the end. He made cameos in "Slave Island", and in a different form (more resembling himself from the comics) in "Beyond Good and Evil, Part 4".

CRPechonick said...

Glad I could help.