Friday, November 7, 2014

The New Charles Xavier School for Mutant

First Appearance as Weapon X Compound/Neverland:  Marvel Comics Presents #72 (1991
First Appearance as the New Charles Xavier School for Mutant: All New X-men Vol 1 #3

History: This secret laboratory and research facility built into a mountainside was constructed by the Weapon Plus initiative to house the Weapon X Project. This is the location where Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Wild Child were experimented on. It was here that Logan underwent the experimental procedure that bonded Adamantium to his skeleton, robbed him of his memories, and turned him into the Wolverine. Wolverine went berserk after the procedure killing numerous individuals. After these event, this base was abandoned and the Weapon X Project relocated to other facilities including Neverland and The World. One of the few surviving guards who was stationed at the Weapon X Compound when Wolverine escaped re-established the Weapon X program years later and became The Director of the new project. The same Compound again served as the team's headquarters and Weapon X became a mutant strike-force. More recently it was refurbished and re-purposed to act as the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants set up by Cyclops for teaching new mutants after Avengers vs X-Men.  

The School Faculty: Cyclops (Headmaster), Emma Frost (Headmistress), Magik, Kitty Pryde, Magneto, and Dazzler. Students: Fabio Medina, Benjamin Deeds, Eva Bell, Christopher Muse, Jean Grey, Warren Worthington III, Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake, and Laura Kinney. 

Weapon X Compound - Top Level: Hangars, Launch Tubes; Level One: Arboreum, Rotunda, Test Subject Containment Facilities; Level Two: Amniotic Fluid Tanks, Biochemical Lab, Biokinetics Lab, Biomechanics Lab, Genetics Lab, Material Science Lab, Microelectronics Workshop, Neuroscience Lab, Surgery Area, Rotunda Mechanisms; Level Three: Ammunition Storage, Armory, Barracks, War Room; Level Four: Backup Servers, Service Area, Storage Area; Level Five: Project Disposal Zone

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