Sunday, November 23, 2014

Image Blitz Dork Style



Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Ah Caroline Munro. I do still have a huge crush on her. As always, you collections rival my own.And often surpass it.

Adam said...

XD I love that you included a piece from comic artist and writer Stjepan Sejic. For those of you who like to see more, below are two links. One is the source of the image and the other is his main DeviantArt page.

I would love to see him do a DC or Marvel title. He knows how they work, he does great revised looks and costumes, and he can certain take the piss out of the seriousness that is clogging up comics these days.

The Dork said...

Thanks for the kind words Cal! And yeah Adam I really liked how Stjepan Sejic makes the characters more humanistic with humor; which is lacking in most comics. I'd luved to see him do a series of one shot stories from different periods of the DC-verse - like the Justice League Satellite era, the 1980's Teen Titans, or the Mike Grell's LSH.