Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Superbaby Doll - 1976

Manufacturer: Amsco
Year of release: 1976
Description: Superbaby dolls measure approx 7" tall featuring molded vinyl head and plush bean-bag body. Plastimarx in Mexico released/produced these dolls under the name, "Super Bebes". The Super Bebes were smaller in size - approx. 5 " tall and came in a different box then the Amsco design.
Captain America is the most complex with a metal buckle and a shield. Shazam and Wonder Woman are the hardest to find. And Batman, Superman and Shazam are blondes - go figure!
Fun Fact:The toy line included dolls from both DC and Marvel. I can't imagine that happening today - gotta luv the 70's!

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