Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rob's Room: Spiderman's Black Costume Image Blitz, Part 1

As promised a few weeks back, here is part 1 of my Black Costume Spidey Image Blitz.  Most of the images were pulled from google searches and the following tumblr pages (go check 'em out!):  Comic Book Artwork tumblrEnter the Vault tumblrMarvel Comics of the 1980s tumblrState of the ARTwork tumblr and West Coast Avengers tumblr

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Daniel T said...

Those first two pics really, really make me want an Artist's Edition of Kraven's Last Hunt because Zeck is one of those artists who looks WAY better uncolored. Kubert's the same. The Hawkman Showcase with his work was a revelation; much nicer looking than the comics as printed, I think.