Friday, April 4, 2014

Captain (Reb Brown) America

Dork Note: When the Captain America motorcycle launches out of his van it blew my mind as a kid!

Clipped from Venture County Star There's probably no better local expert on the shield-wielding superhero than Brown. He donned the same outfit more than 30 years ago when he starred as Captain America for two television movies. Continue Reading...

"As far as the superheroes go, Captain America was the one for me," Brown, 63, said. "It's about someone who was an underdog who had the qualities and the virtues that you need to be a hero. It's fun being a superhero and the kids love it."

"There's nothing like make-believe. To be able to jump over buildings and cars and catch bad guys — these are things you dream of as a kid when your imagi-nation runs wild. It's so much fun to have been a part of that ... and see it transferred onto the screen."

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