Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rob's Room: Revisiting 1985's Secret Wars

Revisiting 1985's Secret Wars (via Marvel Comics of the 1980s)
I'm curious why Mike Zeck wanted to do this… must investigate further...  Hrrrm...
 Mike Zeck recreates his Secret Wars #8 cover
"Obviously using the original comic cover as a template. Completely re-inked, with a little bit of redrawing and a little bit of added detail, mostly in the background battle scene." - Mike Zeck
Mike Zeck's recoloring of Terry Austin's Secret Wars #10 cover
 "Not a recreation, but giving you a look at Terry’s actual inks. I didn’t care for the printed cover of issue 10 since it looked like there may have been some decision to slop some whiteout on and around Doom’s face. Fortunately I had a copy of the final inks before they went through editorial.
Here’s a scan that I recolored."- Mike Zeck

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