Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rob's Room: 24" Alien Vintage Jumbo Figure By Gentle Giant

24" Alien Vintage Jumbo Figure By Gentle Giant

My first thought upon seeing this?  
     Amazing! This will be mine!
My first thought upon noticing the $400 price tag? 
     AAAARGH! Who can afford that? Damn! 

I'm curious… what do people think is a fair price for a toy like this?  Am I just out of touch?  I think I'd go $100, but couldn't imagine ever going beyond.  It sucks, because I think this is fantastic… (insert broken heart emoticon) :(
the 70's were awesome….

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Kal said...

It's a remake of a toy that I would pay 400 for in it's original 1979 box which would also have to be in pristine shape. This is such a rip of of what could be a gift to collectors. Make a little less now but build some good will. Gentle Giant has always done well with their pricey figures, They could toss us a bone.