Monday, July 8, 2013

Rob's Room: Star Bird by Milton Bradley

Star Bird was, unquestionably, my favorite toy as a kid!  I actually remember opening up this gift on Christmas in 1979 (?) and played with it non-stop for years.  I kept this toy around until I left for college -- when I returned for winter break, my mom had decided to give it (and all my Star Wars toys) away to a younger cousin, who immediately broke a wing ( bastard, Joey...).  The grief of this loss still haunts me today...

Amazing photos from Darth Pollo's Flickr account (it almost feels as though I'm opening it myself!).
Originally, I came across this post at space1970 blog.
 I never had the Intruder, but it's awesome too!
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Kal said...

Great post. Of course I got the SIMON as a Christmas gift which gave me brain damage. Why couldn't my fold see that I wanted the spaceship?