Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Declare June 13th - Muffit Day!

Muffit is the name of both Boxey's daggit (see below) and, later, a robotic drone created by Doctor Wilker called the Muffit II. (see above)

History: The original, living Muffit is killed by falling debris in a major city on Caprica during the Cylon sneak attack. To ease Boxey's emotional suffering, his future stepfather Apollo asks Dr. Wilker to furnish a prototype robotic daggit, called the Muffit II. As no daggits have survived the sneak attack, there is a genuine need for replacement daggits, as they had played numerous roles in Colonial society, including that of domesticated pet, watch animal, and tracker. In order to train Muffit II, Wilker scans an image of Boxey into its circuits for imprinting purposes, thus allowing Boxey to train the robot.

Fun Fact : Peanuts (see above) is apparently the name of the dog who portrayed the original living daggit in the scenes on Caprica.

Fun Fact: Muffit II was played by a chimpanzee named Evolution (see below), who is referred to by the nickname of "Evie the Chimp".


The Original Costume Sold at Auction in 2011: Screen used Daggit from the Battlestar Galactica original series. The costume was created by John Dykstra and his team at Apogee. This is one of two screen used Daggit's known to exist from the original show, and was controlled by a monkey inside of the costume. This costume features working electronics in the form of rotating ears and a opening mouth controlled via a remote control. This item has been restored by Dale Long and Brian Schaubmayer, and features 25% new foam under the fur, new eye sphere's that are color matched. Both ear's and fur on the ear's are replicas, and were never screen used. 50 feet of wire trim was replaced and color matched, as well as 15% of the silver tab's that adorn the side, neck and arm details. The Daggit also features all original electronics except one replacement servo. This item has been screen matched and was screen used in the original series.

Dork Note: I had the original Muffit action figure seen above. It was one of my favorites as a kid.

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