Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rob's Room: Black Light Marvel Posters

I want a room devoted to these groovy black light posters & a lava lamp!  Mind blown!
I think much of the artwork is by Gene Colan... anyone?
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Joseph said...

I think I can identify the artists.

1. Dr. Strange: Dan Adkins.

2. Captain America: Jack Kirby

3. Spider-Man: John Romita

4. Dr. Strange: Gene Colan

5. Hulk: Herb Trimpe

6. Silver Surfer: Jack Kirby

7. Silver Surfer: Jack Kirby

8. Medusa: Jack Kirby

9. Dr. Strange: Gene Colan

10. Beautiful Dreamer: Jack Kirby

11. Hulk: Herb Trimpe

12. Infinity Man: Jack Kirby

13. Sub-Marinaer and Spider-Man: Gene Colan.