Monday, December 17, 2012

Matt's Mantle: Save the D Bridge from Star Trek: TNG

Only dorks would spend this much time and money preserving something this awesome.  And thank goodness they are.  After finding an almost complete D Bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation and discovering its planned trip to the junkyard, a loyal fan took it upon himself to rescue the materials and preserve them for all to share.  It's being established as a non-profit, so not only does the world get to visit and interact with one of the greatest sci-fi sets ever, but it helps children too.  They've joined forces with Make-A-Wish Foundation and Habitat For Humanity and have long term plans for using the set as an educational science resource.  They've got some great incentives too, from memorabilia, to private use of the completed bridge to shoot your own fan film and everything in between.  MAKE IT SO.

Help Restore the Next Generation Enterprise-D Bridge!

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